Here Comes the Groom

Red heartRob, a coworker and friend, proposed to his love Amy on Sunday.  Tuesday he made it official with the ring, (he went to Jared … don’t get me started on that one).  Obviously she said yes and now the wedding plans are in full swing … they have to be, the wedding date is October 14.  Now, I have lots of ‘guy friends’, but Rob is the first one I can remember that is actually fully involved in the planning.  After announcing the engagment yesterday at lunch, he launched into the excitment of buying the ring, sharing the news with family and having already set the date. 
With a big smile on his face, Rob plunked down on my office couch today where I proceeded to ask (facetiously, I thought), what he had accomplished last night.  Well, he said, the temple is booked, the reception center is booked and the colors have been chosen, then he and Amy went shopping for his ring and looked for ties for his attendants to wear.  WHOA, these two really are serious!  Needless to say, I am impressed.  The guy has jumped right in and he’s loving the ride.  Oh, did I forget to mention they also got registered at Target?  Sheesh!  It makes me so happy to see my friend so content and happy … Congratulations Rob and Amy!  Red heart
WOW, just thinking about all they have accomplished so far makes me tired … Good night!

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