Farmers Market

I love the Farmers Market.  Not the big commercial one held downtown sporting all sorts of vendors that have nothing to do with produce.  No, the Farmers Market we support is held at Murray Park and is full of local farmers and their families selling their home grown fruits, vegetables, jams, and honey.  I like meeting these families, asking about their foods, sampling them and ultimately stocking up for the week.
Today I bought salt and pepper corn, a lug of tomatos, yellow and green peppers, peaches, apples, cucumbers, zucchini and a huge bag of sweet onions.  Just what I needed to make a delicious and hearty soup for lunch. YUM.
I am grateful for the farmers that have the knowledge and ability to grow foods for our enjoyment.  I am not what is known as a green thumb.  Sure, I have a beautiful garden full of luscious raspberries, but lets be real here … they grow themselves … my job is simply to pick and eat.  I am blessed however with the ability to take the things that others have produced and turn them into wonderful, nutritious food for my family.  It’s a partnership of sorts … a partnership that I am proud to support.

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