School Supplies

Yesterday was day four, yes four, of back-to-school supply shopping.  With kids on a "block schedule" supply lists come out in trickles and baby, you had better have all of said supplies since as a parent, you have faithfully signed each classroom expectation note stating that your child will indeed, be prepared for class each day with requisite supplies on hand.  OK, two kids on block schedule totals 16 classes, add in a third child with 6 classes and honey, you had better mortgage the house!  According to the various notes I have signed, it is always best to have a seperate notebook per class plus a pocket folder for assignments, a planner, calculators for math (and not those cheesy add and subtract models), language dictionaries, (Arabic-hardcover, online order, plus shipping), gym clothes with "appropriate sturdy shoes", classroom fees (art, weight lifting, supplies, and the ever-popular miscellaneous).  Lastly one must remember to throw in three backpacks/courier bags ( plus 3 day shipping) to house all of the above.  Oh my!
Now, please don’t get me wrong.  I wholeheartedly believe that every child needs to contribute to his or her learning experience but am continually amazed at how ridiculously expensive it has become.  Realizing that I am indeed getting old, I can still remember the excitement of entering the classroom on the first day of school, finding my desk and having all of my supplies right there just waiting to be used.  A new pack of crayons all lined up with their pointy heads eager to help illustrate ones first assignment; the "summer vacation" masterpiece.   The perfectly sharpened pencil with the never-been-used eraser tip that invarioubly will be bitten down and chewed before weeks end.  A writing tablet to record all thoughts profound at the beginning of each day.  And of course, the weekly reader … day one was the best back in olden times!
Well, enough of that kind of thinking, Weekly Reader and vacation masterpiece be damned, it’s time to dig in and learn.  As such, supplies have been purchased, fees have been paid, promises of homework done and no missing assignments fill the air.  2009-2010, we are fully stocked and ready to begin.
I miss my kids already!

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