My Office

My office is drab.  I have no pictures on the wall and my shelves are devoid of anything personal.  Well, ok, I do have two sheep and a jar full of miniature apples and pears on one shelf but that’s it for the shelving folks.  Hmmm, Let’s inventory the ‘personal touches’ shall we?  My desk: a 1/2 full jar of taffy, a metal ant, (yes ant), my handpainted coffee mug and a pair of readers (but those aren’t decoration).  The couch: I inherited an incredibly ugly, nubby-blue couch that I have artfully covered with a cream throw.  Add two striped pillows and Voila’, charming. The sideboard: two more sheep, (ok, I bought them for Easter and they just looked so cute that I couldn’t put them away … (unlike the bunnies and chicks), and of course, the Scentsy, (currently full of Sandlewood and Cranberries but soon to be replaced with French Kiss – oh-la-la), that’s it!  That’s my personal touch … BO-RING! Wait, stop, hold everything … I also have a metal bumblebee hanging in the corner … need I remind you it IS summer …
So this morning when I unlocked my door and turned on the light, you can imagine how wonderful it was to be greeted by a beautiful bouquet of flowers that Mr. Farish sent me yesterday.  Fragrant, colorful, a breath of summer in my office!  Lovely I say.  Amazing what a bouquet of flowers can do!  Seriously, my office is suddenly transformed into a colorful, inviting little bit o’ comfort and joy.  Thanks Mr. Farish for brightening my day!


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