As I was driving into work this morning I noticed several billboards announcing the upcoming American Fork County Fair.  I enjoy the fair. truly I do.  Who can ever get tired of looking at homecrafted items, preserved wonders, carnies, overlarge fruits and veggies and of course, cattle?  Certainly not this citified girl.  OK, I may not enjoy the cattle, or the carney-cat calls, but let’s face it … the fair is probably the only place in which you can literally get any kind of food (fried or otherwise) served on a stick!  Corn dogs, cheesy sticks, ice cream and corn … stick foods all, delightful each!
Ah, stick food!  As I recall last year the big draw at the state fair was the ever-popular Twinkie snack food, Snicker bar, and Oreo cookies, each one speared with a stick and loaded in batter before being plunged into a vat of bubbling oil only to emerge several minutes later, golden brown and crisp-fried, yet somehow still tender and moist on the inside. We bought one of each, they were AWFUL!  Never have I ever experienced anything more disgusting than those deep-fried concoctions.  No, to me these are abominations of the generally delightful stick food offerings one usually finds at the fair.
Perhaps I am a stick-food purist.  I want a cheesy stick, a popsicle, an occasional corn dog…aren’t these what you really crave while admiring all of those hand-crocheted wedding gowns?  I don’t know what the new stick-food attraction will be this year.  I imagine that the county fair food offerings will remain true to stick-food form.  It’s the big ol’ state fair that we have to watch out for.  Who knows, maybe they will have found a way to spear, batter, fry and serve pie this time … If so, I will try it.  I’m always up for food on a stick and who knows? Perhaps I will be able to add another food to my stick-food repetoire.

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