Mr. Farish

Warm Fuzzies on this, Mr. Farish’s Birthday …
One of the things that I love about Mr. Farish is when we are both sound asleep but our hands seem to find each other during the night.  I love to wake up side by side with our hands still clasped together…What better way to start the day?  Oh, do NOT go there!
I love that Mr. Farish orders random items (like his ‘Struggling Hair Farmer t-shirt) and wears them!
I love that Mr. Farish will pop in his Billy-Bob teeth, even when driving all alone, and stare at fellow drivers as he toodles along.
Speaking of driving, I love when Mr. Farish suddenly starts blowing a tune on his harmonica whenever the mood strikes.
I love to hear Mr. Farish sing … especially when it’s ‘dedicated’ to me!
I love to watch Mr. Farish with our kids … whether sharing a joke or watching a flick … it’s just really nice!
I love it when Mr. Farish writes new scripts and makes his bizarre, yet highly amusing, movies.
I love that Mr. Farish helps my sisters, nieces, nephews, neighbors, friends, when they ask.
I love coming home and seeing Mr. Farish standing at the stove cooking dinner.
I love, (and frankly, am very amused) that Mr. Farish drinks his Metamucil every morning.
I love that Mr. Farish truly believes that wet hair causes colds … it doesn’t but there is no convincing him.
I love that Mr. Farish loves me no matter what I may look, smell or act like.
There are so many more reasons why I love Mr. Farish …. but mostly, I love Mr. Farish (as Mr. Rogers would say), just for who you are!
Happy Birthday Mr. Farish!!! Red heart

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