The Crazy Teen Years

Mr. Farish and I took our girls and one friend each to see "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" yesterday.  I have loved each of the books and eagerly awaited the release of all the movies.  Usually waiting in line for the first screening which sometimes meant pulling the kids from school, we have embraced the little orphan boy as one of our own.  Let me just say here and now, Little Harry and company have grown up my friends.   Yes, year six is the year of teenage love, exploration, finding ones place.  Delightful when it isn’t your own child going through the drama of teenhood.
So there we sit watching, Mr. Farish to my right, Abi and Alyssa, Cydney and Jake to my left. 
While that nasty Lord Voldemort is central theme, so too is young love … nothing produces nervous giggles from teenage girls quicker than watching their counterparts on the big screen as they muddle through their first kiss, dreamy eyes, and awkward embraces.  What fun it was to listen as they (my lovely girls) watched all of the drama unfold.  The best reaction was during the ‘Ron eats the love potion infused chocolates meant for Harry’ scene … That Mr. Weasley!  Silly love-struck, mooning eyes, longing for the girl of his dreams, Ron.  How do I express the delight of sharing this with my gals?  Impossible except to say that it’s nice to be able to show that boys are just as silly as girls and nothing so special as to make a fool of yourself over. 
I wish I had known that boys are just a dumb and insecure as girls.  That it’s not the end of the world if you burp or fart or spill your drink in front of them.  That it’s ok to be athletic and smart and that my ideas and opinions were just as valid as theirs.  I wish I had known that a girl can be strong and that she need never apologize for strengths, that she can win at bowling and let the boy choose to feel sorry for himself if he must, that she doesn’t have to ‘rescue’ him and save his ego from embarrassment.  I wish that I had been more secure in myself to say, "I will not take this from you." when my highschool boyfriend though it ok to hit me.  I wish that I learned to laugh more with my girlfriends instead of crying over little slights from others.  I wish I had known that it’s ok to eat more than a bite of salad when on a date, that a lusty appetite is normal, I wish that I had known that to be unique is a gift; a badge of honor perhaps to be able to be yourself without apology.  I wish …
So many rights of passage that every person must pass through before becoming the person they ultimatly are … some survive and others do not.  I am glad that I survived and am comfortable with the person that I have become.  I am a strong and confidant woman.  I am a teacher, lover, giver, source of strength, idea filled, guidance giving, nurturing, gentle, baking, making, creative and ever-evolving woman.  I am me and that’s OK.
So the best that I can do is to give my girls my full support, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and the benefit of my experience, to help them through their own rights-of-teenage-girl-passage.  They are strong, they are beautiful inside and out, they are confident … they will be just fine!
Young love … Teenhood … Insecurity … would I go through all of that again?  PUHLEEZE!  I’m not that crazy!

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