Can a Mom Really Love Her Kids Equally?

I remember being pregnant with Skylar and wondering how in the world it could be possible to love this baby as much as I already loved Dustin.  Can parents really and truly love all of their kids equally?  Then Skylar was born and I knew without a doubt that I could love him just as much without compromising my love for Dustin.  Then came Abi, and again that bond of love just broadened even more.  And finally, Cydney, my caboose, my longed for, faught for, prayed for-good-health, baby …who of course, was perfect.  Every single one of my kids so unique, so wonderful and full of qualities that make them shine in their own little ways. 
Dustin – Mama’s big.  So named because he came out lusty and eager for the world.  He is my perfect-in-every-way firstborn that has grown to be an incredible man.  Kind, generous, quick-witted, intelligent, handsome and helpful.  Dustin has a heart of gold and is a great conversationalist.  Name a topic and Dustin is right there with you, facts and figures all the way.  Photographer extraordinaire, Dustin is the photo-journalist of the Farish clan. 
Skylar – SkyGuy.  Mama’s tall gentleman.  Gentle, bright, creative and clever.  My teenager with a thirst for adventure that will always ask if there is anything you need help with.  Eager to please but happiest with friends.  Chicken-wing lover, hot-sauce connoisseur and always up for a challening adventure.  Skylar can be counted on to always have a plan up his sleeve, an ipod in his pocket and an idea for every situation.  Guitar-pickin’ music lover, Skylar.  The Farish go-to guy.
Abi – Abgirl.  Born with her eyes wide open and looking all around, never a peep but  possessing a wonder for the world.  This girl had something up her sleeve before she was ever clothed.  Beautiful, smart, quiet and shy.   Mama’s big-brain academy is no match for even the most intelligent person out there.  Abi has a thirst for knowledge, a gift for learning, and an eager approach to new challenges.  Sweetness and light, beauty inner and out, Abi is a true gem that sparkles bright.  Abi is the Farish family solution finder and problem-solver.
Cydney – Babygirl.  An old soul, Cydney is funny, creative, clever and brimming with ideas and plans.  Cydney is the one that is always willing to try anything.  My adventurer, she would much rather explore her world and be outdoors than anywhere else.  Adorably cute with her button-nose and dimpled smile, this girl always has a plan.  Playful, smart, silly and athletic, Cydney is the Farish family life of any party.
All so unique, all so clever and smart and different in every way.  Yet so alike and wonderful too.  It’s amazing to realize that a parent really can love each and every one of her children equally for who they are, each of them adding so very much to the family.  As I reflect, I can’t imagine life without any one of them in it.  Our family just would not be complete without each of these incredible souls and I am blessed to call them my children.  Am I proud?  You bet!
Now, any idea how to get these perfect kids to keep their rooms clean?

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