The Public Pool

Summer and swimming just go together.  So yesterday, Cydney and I decide to meet Stacy and Carlee at the Murray pool for an afternoon of sun and swim. 
Prep time: We slathered on the SPF in numbers so high we were sure we would leave even lighter than when we started. Packed snacks, sandwiches, fruit punch, an apple and water for me.  Sunglasses? check.  Potty? check.  Towels? check. Goggles? check.  MONEY? check. Sheesh, I feel like we are taking the entire contents of the house with us! Ask one more time, "Are you sure you don’t want to go with us?"
Pay, find a nice spot on the grass, lay towels out, more sunscreen. No sooner have we set up than the dark clouds are suddenly overhead and its POURING!  Here’s the best part; people are scrambling for cover!  Hello? Are we not donning our swimsuits and prepared to get wet here? So we sit in the rain until the lightbulb says, "Hey, don’t you want your towels to stay dry?" Gather nicely laid out towels, head over to the overhang and wait with all the other wannabe swimmers. The rain stops just as suddenly as it started and everyone rushes out to reclaim their coveted spots on the ground. Lay out towels, reapply sunscreen, decide to sit out until the goosebumps settle. Chat, laugh, SWEAT!  Head for the waterslide with Cydney…Is there anything more vulnerable than climbing stairs in a wet bathing suit to reach the top? UGH, suddenly the thought of clingy fabric, thunder thighs, muffin top, and any other various and sundry items starts leaping through my head. Well, I’m in it now and determined to just have fun. Really, if you look around it’s pretty obvious that very few people would ever win the swimsuit competition here. But you know what? Suddenly I don’t care.  I mean it!  I do not care.  I am here for fun and fun is what I’ll have.  So we slide, and slide, and slide. It is on that third trip up the stairs that I hear it…a gutteral sound that makes my flesh crawl…yes folks, it’s that guy that looks like he came straight over from working the carny-circuit, oogling my body from behind! Oh Great, we are almost to the top platform, when he makes ‘the hit’ … "I like!" … OH GAG! Ignore him, ignore him, give dirty look, ignore him …finally, slide away and go to the towels!  I will put this bad dream to rest and forget it. It’s at this point that I sit back and take a look at my fellow bathers. Interesting crowd really. The rundown: guts, tats, missing teeth, fake breasts, mullets, a few mohawks, and of course, the obligatory SPEEDO.  Mmmm. Interesting place, the public pool. Yes, we’ll be back …unless of course Grandpa Mike invites us over to his house…PLEEEEEZZZZZ?

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