It’s Finally Here

Great news for all the men out there sporting a little too much in the chest area … Yes indeed, folks … Japan has announced the official launch of bras for men!  Not the ‘Manzier’, nor is it a ‘Bro’, no the clever Japanese have named it simply the ‘Bra-O’ for men.  How bad is that?  And to top off this bit of good news, (if that is even possible), it is available in three colors … Black, White and PINK!  Maybe the cross-dressers like that but let me just say here and now … PINK?  For men?  Is it not bad enough that the poor fella has been endowed with man-boobs?  Must he also endure what has been typically known as a feminine color (especially in lingerie) ?  Oh Lord I hope they don’t put lace on those things too!
Yeah, so the initial run was 1000 Bra-O’s that immediately sold out requiring a second run of 5000.  This too is going fast and due to demand, the Japanese have announced they will be producing and shipping these babies all over the world.  Hooray!  No more wondering what to get your special man for his birthday/fathers day/anniversary that he doesn’t already have!
Unfortunately Mr. Farish is not endowed enough to warrant a Bra-O unless they come in an ‘A’ cup … poor fella, he will just have to suffer the humiliation of not being hip enough to need masculine support of his chesticular area.  To this I say, "Thank goodness!"
Last minute thought … Does this mean they will be making two-piece swimsuits for men?  and seriously … do Japanese men really have big breasts?  Hmmmm …

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