They Suffered a Fright

Last night Abi called from the Gateway Mall saying that she and her friends were coming home soon to watch some movies.  I quickly whipped up a batch of brownies, popped some corn, and set out assorted beverages.  The first movie they chose was "The Ring".  Now, I haven’t seen this movie but by the way the girls were all huddled close on the couch, it was apparent that it wasn’t a love story.  I quickly scooped chocolate ice cream into bowls, (poor Christina just got her braces earlier in the day), passed them around and stood back just to watch these wonderful girls.  Alyssa was hysterically funny, having seen the movie, she was tensing up and narrating for the others … now usually when someone is doing this, it bugs the stuffing out of me, but in this case, every tidbit was preceeded by a squeal then a, "watch this", "no, don’t watch" and then talking to the screen.  Her narrative only added to the drama of the room and made the other girls even more tense… Leaving the girls, I went to my room to read and quickly fell asleep to the distant sounds of frightened females.  I have no idea how long they stayed or what else they watched … I was OUT!
Waking up this morning, I noticed Abi’s bedside light was on.  I tiptoed down the hall and found my two darling girls cuddled together in her bed.  I watched them for a minute, trying not to laugh out loud, when Cydney quietly said, "will you please get me a glass of water?  I’m too scared to move."  If I could have, I would have hopped right into that bed with them and just held them close.  Sometimes Mama’s girls are still Mama’s babies after all!  LOVE THEM!
I wonder if next time they’ll choose a few comedies instead …

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