Dog face Sunday night I put two slabs of babyback ribs on the BBQ to slowly grill for a few hours.  Let me just say that those ribs were DE-LISH-EOS!  Being on my strict diet (goal reached, now to just maintain), I was sticking to my own meal, but watching my gals eating those things was too much.  Their smiles and sauce-stained faces said it all.  I grabbed one of Abi’s not-quite-completely-knawed bones and WOW, YUM, HO-HO, those babies sang in my mouth!  Can I just say here and now that I am the QUEEN of the babyback?  Truly a more succulent slab o’pork has never been Q’d.  What delight, what sweet, sweet, tender young meat product was ever so devine.  Yeah, those babies were much better off in our tummies than on the pig from whence they came.  With no apologies to PETA, I will be buying many more slabs in the future.
So on to the OWIE part of the tale … Certainly Mia would like to enjoy the ‘before’, but instead we share the ‘after’ … the picked pretty clean but still some yum on them bones.  And I am right, she LOVES them!  Only problem is she is biting clean through them and making splinters of the meal.  Cyd tries to get the broken bone from her, Mia growls and snarls and keeps chewing (with one unblinking eye pasted on Cydney).  What’s a mom to do?  Why step in and help of course.  So I do, "Mia, GIVE!" I command … she doesn’t… "Mia! Give!" snarl … ok, time to take action.  Grab said pup and pry the bone from her ever-locked jaws … a greater pain I do not recall!  She bit me!  Truly she did!  She bit down on my index finger so hard that she drew blood … a deep wound that immediately streamed blood like a mall fountain.  I won’t bore you further with the cleaning and bandaging, throbbing and suffering … No, but as you go about your day today, think of me and my still bleeding finger (yes, it’s that deep), trying to work without my index finger … hey, it’s harder than it sounds! Dog face

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