What a morning!

I have a feeling this is going to be a very L-O-N-G day …
I got up 20 minutes late … not good when there is a 45 minute commute on a good day.  Shower … try to be quick, cut self shaving.  Dry off, apply baby oil, slip on said baby oil that has dripped on the floor.  Dry and style (? … is that what this mess is called?) Spray… OH *&^%, not with hair spray … oh no, this was spray-on sunscreen!  Back into the shower, re-wash the hair … begin again, but no slipping on oily floor this time.  CRUMB … my blouse needs ironing, oh great, so do my pants!  Search closet… search some more … I hate my clothes! 
Finally off to the land of OZ.  Traffic, oh the traffic.
Arrived safely … computers down for the next three days.

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