Adventures in Commuting

As much moaning as I did driving to work in the wintertime, I have to admit that the Spring/Summer commute so far is FAB!  You simply cannot imagine all of the things I get to experience now that my eyes don’t have to be glued to the icy roads.
Sick – Man with his thumb shoved up his nose to the knuckle … hope he got it okay
Black Sheep – Delightful cattle smells … both on the road and off
Sun – The SUN cresting over the mountain … beautiful
Mobile Phone – Cell phone chats … with all those windows down I hear lots
Angry – Angry drivers … Impossible to be angry in summer, I say
Red rose – Flowers, Flowers and more flowers … HOORAY!
Sleepy – Driver asleep at the wheel … being the concerned citizen that I am, I honk
Auto – Learning all makes and models of cars … one day I hope to have a new one
Wink – Starting to recognize my fellow commuters … who doesn’t enjoy a friendly morning nod?
Coffee cup – Spotting Starbucks up ahead … OK, rain or shine, I’m there
Love that commute!

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