Peregrine Falcons, Thanks to Amy

Hey all you nature lovin’ bird watchers;
For several years a peregrine falcon family has nested on the Joseph Smith Memorial building in the Spring.  Cameras were installed so that interested viewers could watch this little family without disturbing them.  The babies are expected to ‘take flight’ sometime around June 30 (how do they know that?) and a call is out for volunteers to be on hand during the initial ‘flight training period’.  According to Utah wildlife, volunteers will also answer questions and should bring the following items: a pair of binoculars (well, DUH!), leather gloves, (Um, I suppose this is in case you must perform a rescue of the little lads), and a flimsy towel, (as oppossed to your fluffy, white, downy-plumped variety).  Gee, this sounds serious folks!  So if you are feeling rather egg-headed and want to spread your own peregrine falcon wings for the betterment of downtown Utah, join the team and keep those babies safe!  Then please come to my house and extract the nest that the birds (non-falcon species) have erected in my attic.  I thank you!

Mr. Farish’s cousin, Amy sent this link to us, check it out;   (I highly recommend the view from camera 1)

If you would like to serve as a member of the 2009 Salt Lake City Peregrine Falcon Watchpost and Rescue Team, please arrange to attend a short training at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, June 29. Meet just east of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on the northeast corner of where South Temple and Main Street meet in downtown Salt Lake City.


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