On the Subject of Amy …

Since I have just introduced her name, let me tell you a bit about the incredible AMY.  Mr. Farish’s cousin extraordinaire.  This gal can do anything, and I mean anything!  She is one of the kindest, most genuine and selfless people I have ever met. 
Here is just a tiddle of what this gal is about … helicopter pilot … wilderness program counselor … firefighter … mountain and rock climber … house remodeler … landscaper … organizer … comedianne.  And that is just the tip of her talents my friends. 
Have you ever had a conversation in which you are sure the other person is just minimally interested?  Of course you have, we all think we are much more interesting than we really are.  Talk to Amy … I kid you not!  You can be the most boring person on the planet and she will LISTEN!  Uh huh!  I mean it.  She can prove it too, because she will actually ask questions!  not just some old, "yeah", or "uh huh" response … a question or actual comment that requires complete construction! 
I once took my girl scout troop to Amy’s firestation for a tour.  Every girl wanted to become a firefighter after that … nuff said!
In all of Mr. Farish’s extended family, Amy is the one that makes sure to keep the Farish clan in the family loop.  You see now that Mr. Farish is essentially an orphan (hey, I don’t care how old you are, everyone needs a mommy and daddy), Amy makes sure to include us.  When my mother-in-law died, Amy and Katie were the ones on our doorstep offering condolances and hugs.  Amy LOVED Georgia and probably needed just as much comfort as us, it was nice to have her (and Katie) swapping stories and laughs as we reflected on her life.  We ate nachos as we talked and to this day, everytime I make those nachos, I think of sitting at the dining room table with Amy and Katie. 
Amy is the family organizer.  This year she sent out a calendar of spring/summer/fall events for all to enjoy.  From picnics and hikes to rock climbing … she has organized it all.  In fact, last night was the storm mountain rock climb … couldn’t go, we had drums and guitar lessons … Amy had all the equipment and friends on hand to help out … now that is ORGANIZED.  Do ya love her yet?  I do.  Thanks Amy, you are one incredible woman!
***Oh by the way, it was Amy’s peanut butter chocolate rice crispie treats that got Abi started … no matter that I have made them for years … "Amy’s are better."

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