Phone call, just this very minute … I am told I "have got to start adding pictures".  I know, I know.  Just as soon as I figure the whole thing out.  And guess what else?  Older posts?  Oh, I guess they aren’t forever like I thought.  Bummer since this has been my way of journaling for the past 2 years.  I suppose my great grandchildren will just have to wonder.
Perhaps I’ll have to write down how truly fabulous I am (was?) for those not-yet-born grands of my future … I’ll pretend it was written by someone else and extoll how tremendously talented I was, my incredible tidbits of wisdom (not quite as profound as Mr. Mike Brady, but close), fashion, hair and makeup (I know, this is pretend, okay!), and I suppose just general reflections of a perfect life … EWWW!  Now they will know it was a work of fiction.  Ok, in all reality, I will just say, "be yourself and enjoy the ride."

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