Fathers Day Eats

Fathers Day:  wake up early, shower quickly, head over to Beans and Brews for a 32 oz easy-on-the-ice-mocha, for Mr. Farish to start his day off right … sneak in and place bedside.  Hmmm, what if he doesn’t see it?  Scan the bedroom … Dresser? no.  Closet? no.  Ah Ha … Bathroom counter …Man’s first morning stop. Perfect! 
Millcreek Cafe, breakfast with dad and sisters (and one niece and one bro-in-law).  Must maintain diet:  Egg white omelete with spinach, onions and tomato -no butter in the pan please … Lots of coffee, no cream.  Talk, laugh, eat, repeat.
Cydney is making a fruit tart for dessert while Abi makes peanut butter chocolate rice crispie treats for snacking … must be strong … remember the diet …
Skylar, Abi and I pick up Dustin and head to Sam’s for dinner fixins … 6 – 16 oz rib-eye steaks; twice-baked potatoes, (loaded with chedder, bacon, sour cream, butter and cream); tossed salad; a mountain of rolls; glazed sweet vidalia onions; sauteed mushrooms with fresh garlic and butter; and various condiments of course.  That’s what they had … Here’s what I had: 3.5 oz petite sirloin, all fat removed; 1 sliced tomato with organic sea salt and pepper; steam-stirred sweet vidalia onions… UGH!  Dieting stinks!  Here’s what I snitched: 2 bites of rib-eye from Cyd and 1 small bit of salad (yes, it had dressing).  I felt better.
Dessert: Cydney’s fruit tart for them … strawberries with cinnamon for me.  YUM!
8:00 p.m.: bear in mind that those darn peanut butter chocolate rice crispie treats have now been around for a few hours and I have been S-T-R-O-N-G … I cave … Those crispies are FANTASTIC! 
I will pay in the morning, but hey, since I’ve already had one …

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