Hooray for Bagel Friday

Honestly?  Sometimes the only reason I can think to get out of bed early on a Friday morning is the thought that, "YES, It’s BAGEL DAY!"  As pathetic as it is, bagel Friday is just what I need to make it through one more workday.  Soft and fresh with a gentle schmear.  YUM!  Sad isn’t it?

2 responses to “Hooray for Bagel Friday

  1. ……mom? you dont wake up in the morning just to see my wonderful face and your lovely family???? ITS ALL FOR BAGELS?!! YOU SICK WOMAN!!!! jk i love you.

  2. If my wonderful, loving, incredibly beautiful children were awake before I left for work, than that would be my reason for getting up on Friday. But since everyone is still warm and snug in their nigh-nighs, I alas, have to think about the bagel! LOVE YOU!!!!

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