1:17 a.m.

1:17 a.m., I am sound asleep … no easy feat for someone that doesn’t sleep much … dreaming (in color), warm (fireplace is going), happy!  UNTIL … I hear a suspicious scritching sound coming from the kitchen.  Not wanting to wake fully and miss a second of sleep, I roll over and try to doze off again.  That sound?  again?  What in the world?  Oh, yes!  It’s Mia … dumb dog learns new trick … Yes, Mia has learned how to unzip her crate!  What I heard was Mia unzipping, climbing out and then racing into the cats’ room to eat all of Yoda’s food.  Aarrgghh!  I get up, chase her out and she starts running around the house with me in hot pursuit.  Oh man, I will never get back to sleep now!  So after what seems an eternity, I catch her by the back paw and rush her out to potty.  I wait … and I wait … and I wait … where is she and what is she doing?  Either she is taking the worlds longest and biggest poop, or she has decided to jump ship and escaped the backyard.  GREAT!  I call to her in a loud whisper … Mia!   Mia, come … MEEE-AAA COMMMME!!!  dumb dog!  Well, this could take a while I better go get sustenance by way of cinnamon burst bread.  What seems like forever later, Mia finally appears back at the french doors and has the nerve to start scratching an whining to be let in!  Well, she can just wait!  oh, no she can’t, I want to get back into my warm bed.  I let her in and she takes off like a shot through the house … once again I am in hot pursuit … I am actually starting to work up a sweat … Yep, it’s official, I will never get back to sleep!  HAH!  GOT HER … back to your crate with a stern warning … Are you kidding me?  it’s 2:00 a.m.!  THe last glance at my clock says 2:32 a.m.  … apparently I sleep … until … scritch, zip, tippy-tappy … No WAY!  pillow over the head … I refuse to acknowledge … and I sleep!  Sleeping half-moon

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