Scents of Sunday

Today my senses are on overdrive and that is a really grand thing.  
The first scent of Sunday was Yoda’s fishy-cat-crunchy breath as he snuggled up to his mama for some morning love.  While I prefer to awaken to something a bit less pungent, Yoda’s soft fur next to my face is immediately forgivable.  I crept down the hall to find Abi sound asleep on the couch, having wandered out sometime in the night.  I put my face close to her and inhaled her teenage smell as she cuddled tight to her ‘blankie’, still my baby, she smelled like warm sunshine.  I quietly walked to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee to which I always add a few shakes of cinnamon … delish!  Mr. Farish got up soon after and headed out with Mia for their daily walk.  The next thing I know he is back with a big box of bagels and a delightful tall skinny latte for me.  (it’s blowing and much too cold to walk).  A warm everything bagel before heading over to BREATHE for my Sunday facial. 
Ahhh, to step into the spa is to be immersed in some of the finest smelling herbs and flowers.   Mmmm, I’ve reserved a spot for a 90 minute organic facial to which I am treated to lemons, apples, yams, pomegranites, herbs and spices that make me want to indulge my taste buds as well.  Once over, I emerge to a fabuous array of delightful products to take home and relive the experience again and again.
Leaving the spa, I discover 6 inches of snow has fallen … it’s cold and fresh and I am renewed.
Home again.  With the herbs still coursing through my olfactory system, I make an Italian marinade for the chicken I will bake for dinner.  Start some yeast rolls and practically plunge my nose into the rising dough.  The potatoes are scrubbed and ready to bake…
Laundry is drying and Downy is added, wood is polished and brownies to bake …
Oh, the scents of Sunday!  

2 responses to “Scents of Sunday

  1. i would appreciate it if you left me out of this. thanks.

  2. Well, that\’s not going to happen.

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