Cydney’s current class project is to write her biography to date … seems pretty easy considering she only has 11 years under her belt.  UNTIL … "Mom, how old was I when I … ?"  and, "When did I first … ?"  Are you kidding me?    As a mom you would think that I would just ramble those stats right off the top of my bird-nested head, but no, I bumble and stumble and rack my brain for any tidbit or clue that might help me to recall all of those early milestones that mean so much to a child.  "What was my first word?"  Okay, that’s easy.  Isn’t any babies first word ‘MAMA’ ?  Dadda, you say?  No way!  I carried, I birthed (sans anesthesia no less), I nursed, I changed … hell NO!  Your first word was MAMA and I will accept no other. 
Okay, I really am not that bad, but with four kids, the dementia is setting in when it comes to milestones.  I am happy to report that we made it through birth through age 11 without too much trauma and Cydney is quite convinced of her elite and totally advanced milestone status, but then, she truly is unique in many ways … Now on to chapter 2 …

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