Love Thyself

Sunday was the best ever!  My girls and I had a love thyself day that started with a fabulous 90 minute massage at my favorite day spa … BREATHE … The moment you step inside the door you are greeted by the most wonderful, soothing aromas … after checking in everyone is asked to turn off all cell phones, and take off your loud, clacky shoes so you don’t disturb the other clients.  Ahh, step through the door into lowered lights, soothing music and waterfalls.  There is something special about being taken into the dressing room where inside the locker, is your own big, comfy spa robe and slippers.  Next, the tea room.  What would you like to drink?  A small tray of treats, a warm hand towel and a lavendar infused neck pillow.  Seriously, I could just stay here all day … but it’s massage time … need I say more about that?
Next was a trip to Borders for books and beverages.  Fun to browse and choose just the right item for the day.  I found a great retro-look blank cookbook.  I hope to fill it up with all of my favorite recipes and get rid of my ancient and tacky old metal recipe card file.  So far I have only copied 8 appetizer recipes … Let’s see, about 700 recipes at 8 copied per day … UGH … could be awhile before this project is finished.  Abi and Cydney each found their perfect books and bookmarks and off we went to the nail salon.
PK Nails at Creekside.  We have been remiss in this area and haven’t had our nails mani’d and pedi’d for many months so the nail techs really had their work cut out for them.  I love watching my girls as they are being pampered.  As we soaked our pigs, I looked over to see Cydney grinning from ear to ear, she had the massage chair going full force as her legs dangled in the warm water, jets pulsating water on her ankles and wiggly toes.  So fun.  We all emerged with fancy feet and fingers and the promise not to bite our nails anymore (at least for a few days). 
And then it was time … Home to the boys and and urgent need to get dinner on the table … Oh well, It was nice to be queen if only for a few hours anyway!

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