Memory Lane

Have you seen those digital photo frames?  Of course you have, they are everywhere.  I remember when I first saw them and thought to myself, "Self, why would you want one of those?"  Fast forward a year or two and here I am giving them as gifts and, lo and behold, on the receiving end as well.  Yep, I got one for Christmas from my dad. 
I came home last week and Mr. Farish had lovingly loaded my new frame with over 300 (yes, that’s 3-0-0) pictures!  Talk about a walk down memory lane!  How did my kids get so big, so fast?  I mean, look at them … there we are at Yellowstone Park – the year 2000 – in June – we awake to several feet of snow – I used a tray to dig us out of our cabin … Now we are in Costa Rica – wait, that was just a few months ago – 2008 – Hawaii – Idaho – London – Good ol’ SLC – How can the kids be so small in one picture only to be so big in the next?  Birthdays, Holidays, Just Because Days … they are all there … well almost, we have bazillions more to add.  As Mr. Farish says, this is the test frame.  (Don’t ask, ’cause I don’t know either). 
I find myself sitting on the couch and just watching as the pictures scroll one to the next, reminiscing, sometimes teary, sometimes laughing, but always, ALWAYS, so in love with my gang it almost hurts. 

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