Laughs with Mary

My friend Mary called me today and asked if I had read an email she had sent to me earlier. 
Me – "No, I just sat down." 
Mare – "OK, remember when I found that really funny comic I found on the internet and I printed it and you read it and we laughed really hard? "
Me – "Ummm"
Mare – "Come on, you remember, it was so funny and I want to find it again."
Me – "Mare, you always find funny things on the internet, I have no clue where you got it or what it said …"
Oh yes, I remember that it was naughty, but I have no idea where or what or who or how … The thing is, it doesn’t really matter because talking to Mary is a treat in and of itself.  To hear her laugh, well, it’s just infectious, and before either of us could take another breath, we were laughing like little kids.  I don’t care how old I get, I hope to always be able to laugh like a little kid with good friends that have a knack for discovering humor in the strangest places.  Love ya Mary…Sewiouswee!
p.s. I have my fingers crossed that she finds the dang thing … I have to see if it really was funny … I told her to call Kim, Kim has the most incredible memory of anyone I have ever met …

2 responses to “Laughs with Mary

  1. Well isn\’t this a nifty little site? I never knew about it. I\’m so impressed. Perhaps I\’ll have to begin a blog of my very own! I agree…..there\’s nothing better then the full on belly gut crushing laugh, tears and all to make the day worth getting out of bed!Love you tons,Mare

  2. See? Isn\’t Mary the best? Gotta love that gal.

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