Back Like a Bad Dream

Have you ever had a scab that you just kept on picking?  Sure, you’d leave it alone for a day or two, but sooner or later that scaly thing was just beckoning, nay, taunting you, to have at it one more time.  Granted, I haven’t had a good scab-pickin’ for many years, but like a scab, blogging just gets into the skin until is has to be picked again, and again, and again.  so here I am.  Picking once again.  Bad analogy?  Sure, but I bet you can relate.
 Hey, speaking of dreams … I had the most bizarre dream the other night.  Most mornings I wake up and hit the ground running, therefore my dreams are left to cool with my pillow.  But this one; this strange, vivid, full-dialoged, character-laden dream … well, it has me thinking and smiling and laughing to myself and wondering why my ‘real life’ isn’t as fun and exciting as my ‘dream life’.  I can’t really share what happened, I mean come on … have you ever really been THAT interested in someone else’s bizarre nocturnal musings?  Seriously?  You know you haven’t been.  Suffice it to say that I hope this one visits me often…in fact, I kinda hope it visits me while I am awake and have witnesses around to vouch for me … Now that would be one wacky-wild-wonderous day for sure.   

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