Sisters, we’re sisters …

Yesterday was the day…the annual Mother/Daughter lunch and shop-a-thon at Gardner Village.  Every year we gather on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving to officially begin our holiday shopping and this year was no exception.  There is something so wonderful about being surrounded by those I love, and that love me, but always a missing link without Poey. 
Here’s how it goes:  We eat at Archibalds where we talk, laugh, talk, laugh, talk, laugh.  Once satisfactorily stuffed, we hit the stores to walk off the excess calories that our laughing hasn’t already broken down.  Here’s the hard part … everything is so inviting, how can I resist?  Oh, I remember, the high prices.  So there we are looking at all of the latest seasons offerings and something overtakes me because the next thing I know, I’m sporting an overflowing handbasket…and a coupon for $10.00 off!  For the first time that I can even remember, I bought all new ornaments (buy three get one free) for our Christmas tree.  and guess what?  I am insisting on a fresh tree this year … I can’t even imagine putting these gorgeous items on artificial limbs. Look out Mr. Farish, Ra has found her voice! 
After depositing our newest prizes in trunks, we are off to the next store … and so it goes…we shop, we laugh, we talk, we debate this item over that…and then we hit the tea shop for some renewed energy of the caffienated persuasion.  Off again…
So every Saturday after Thanksgiving you can be sure to find ‘the girls’ at Gardner Village between the hours of 11:00 and 7:00, it’s a great day. 
How lucky I am to have a mom and sisters that love each other unconditionally, support each other without judgement, and actually enjoy our time together?  the answer:  Very, very lucky.

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