Lovin’ you is easy ’cause your beautiful…

(EW, remember that song and the high-pitched shreiky Ah,ah,ah, ah, ah?  UGH!)
At my house on a weekend morning, you can pretty much guarantee that I am the first awake and moving around.  This morning was no exception.  When I awoke, I rolled over to see Mr. Farish sound asleep to my right with a sly smile on his face…what IS he dreaming?  So I watched for awhile and maybe it was that feeling you get when someone is watching, but eventually he woke up too.  So what else do you do early on a weekend morning when the kids are still sleeping and the house is still?  Oh, grow up and get your mind out of the gutter … Early on a weekend morn. when all is still and quiet, you get dressed, leash the dog and hit  the pavement with Mr. Farish and eagerly head to the park and Starbucks.  Sheesh people.  And this is what we did.  Seems like old-married boring, but for us, it’s our time to reconnect and catch up.  Mr. Farish fills me in on all the goings on at work, events of the past week and other ‘stuff’.  I lament my health, share my fears of what might be, share my impressions of the new workplace etc.  But most of all, we just enjoy our time together.  It’s rare and it’s sweet and I don’t even mind when he walks a bit faster ’cause he has the cutest butt ever. 
A few miles behind us and sufficiently caffeinated, we arrive back to a still-quiet home ready to to fill the kids bellies with waffles when they wake.  And that my friends is a great start to the day. 

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