Color me Flattered …

A few days ago I got a phone call from my friend, Wendy requesting a copy of a PTA article I had written back in November 2002.  It seems she had clipped the article and posted it at work for her coworkers to see…and it has hung there ever since!  Apparently after being repeatedly taken down and copied, the article is in tatters with a portion missing therefore she requested that I email her a copy and also post it on my Blog space…  Wendy, this one’s for you …
I love fall.  I love the colors, the smells, the crispness in the morning air, crunchy leaves and hearty soups for dinner.  I love to sit under a blanket with my family every night as we read together before bedtime.  It is my favorite season, and I am thankful.  I am thankful for the change of seasons that allows me to embrace my world and all that I see, and smell and touch and taste.  I am thankful for the reminder that life is ever-changing and precious.  I am thankful not because I am told it is that time of year to be thankful, but because I am truly thankful.  Let me explain.  To my husband that works hard to provide for our family, I am thankful.  To the farmers that toil to produce nutritious food, I am thankful…you see my thumbs are NOT green.  I am thankful the day after a party when I work hard to scrub the floors and restore order because it means my family and I are blessed with friends.  I am thankful for the clothes in my closet and in the laundry basket because I have plenty to wear and yes, as snug as they are, it means I have food to eat.  For the windows that need washing, the tubs that need scrubbing, the beds that need making, I am thankful, for it means my family and I have shelter and a warm place to sleep.  I am thankful that in America we have freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom to protest.  For Freedom, I am thankful.  I am thankful for teachers that love my kids even when they aren’t always ‘lovable’.  I am thankful that my parents loved me enough to set limits and say "no" when it would have been easier to just say "ok", for it taught me that discipline when delivered calmly and fairly is another way of saying, "I love you".  For friends that listen, for teachers that teach, for those that volunteer, for students that say, "Hi, (insert one of my kid’s names here) Mom!"  for children that question and families that cry, I am thankful, for they truly are the ones that touch my life and change me for the better, (although a never-ending-work-in-progress).  Yes, I am thankful.

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