Sing Us a Song You’re the Piano Man…

So it’s Friday…Loooooong week, loooooong string of cars s-l-o-w-l-y inching along the freeway for what always seems like a very short weekend …BUT the tunes are cranked up and I’m a singin’ baby!  I don’t care who sees me, heck, I don’t even care if they hear me, I’m in the zone and my lungs are on fire.  Oh Yeah!
And It only gets better.  I walk into the house just as the fam. is hooking up the Sing Star … So what if I can’t carry a tune?  I’m in and loving every loud, crazy, super-freaky minute of it!  So Mr. Farish and I have a sing-off (yeah, he wins hands down) but I should certainly get points for my hot dance style …
It’s gonna be a Great weekend!

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