HELP! I need somebody..

Help! Not just anybody, just someone willing to clean the rest of my house!  Oh my word!  After months of just touching the surface and keeping things tidy, I realized that with Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away perhaps it was time to get down and remove the dirty.  Have you ever noticed when you start a project, any project, you are all gung ho, rarin to go and Katie-bar-the-door don’t get in my way!  Off you sprint, you are a woman on a mission by gum.  Suddenly, after washing what seems like miles of baseboards, you are wiped out (literally and figuratively) and willing to offer any passerby any sum of money to PLEEZE, PLEEEEZE HELP ME!  And so it goes… $5.00 for any chore completed to my satisfaction.  You scrub the hall floors – $5.00, wash and dry a load of laundry – $5.00, windows – $5.00 inside, $5.00 outside … you get the idea.  I never realized that an additional thousand square feet would add so much work!  So far I’ve had no takers in the family but if I know them the way I think I do, the thought of more itunes cards will quickly surface and before you can say "The dust bunnies are having great-grandchildren" all will be well. 

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