Everybody was kung foo fighting…

Except for the ones in our Chinese Cuisine cooking class. 
Last Christmas Mr. Farish gave Abi, sister-Kim (W.), and me gift certificates for a cooking class of our choice at Gygi’s.  We had a hard time finding the classes on line and then like all gift cerificates that aren’t used right away, forgot about them.  Well today was the day.  Since Abi is a lover of all food in the Chinese smorgasboard – hey that isn’t an Asian word – we decided that Chinese cuisine would be perfect.   And we were right!  Here’s what we made…
Asian Five Spices Spareribs – Gyoza (pot stickers for those of you that have never stepped foot in a Chinese restaurant) – Stuffed Shrimp Rolls with spicy sweet and sour sauce – Lemon Chicken Wings – Coconut Chicken with Lemon Sauce – Shao Mai (Chinese Dumplings) … Yeah …
So not only did I get to learn to make some new dishes, I got to have some Abi and mom time as well.  Real important as Abi is now a teenager and time together is very precious to me.  As I stepped back and watched her, I was once again reminded how wonderful Abi really is.  Not only is she genuinely sweet, smart, funny and kind, Abi is truly a gift.  I watched as our instructor was drawn to Abi, smiling at her, commenting on her talent as Abi shyly smiled and thanked her.  That’s it I suppose.  Abi’s quiet humility.  Imagine what she could be like … first, having scored and been tested in the top 1% in Utah, 10% in the U.S., Abi could certainly claim genuine nerd status as a brainiac.  She learns and understands languages easily, plays several instruments has a pretty well-rounded circle of friends that are all such good kids, and I NEVER have to ask her to practice or do her homework… she just does it!  WHEW! 
So yeah, my kids … they are truly my heart.  Each of them special in so many ways.  How lucky am I?  Luckier than I could ever imagine.

One response to “Everybody was kung foo fighting…

  1. awww i am pretty special arent i?  😉

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