Somewhere over the rainbow…

Yesterday Cydney came home from school with a note announcing the annual Utah v.s. BYU food drive.  For the next two weeks kids can bring in canned goods, personal care items, and other staples that will be donated to the Utah Food Bank.  Cydney and I decided that we would trek to the store tonight while Skylar and Abi were at guitar lessons and pick up some items to donate.  WOW, my baby is growing up!  While I pushed the cart Cyd carefully read the list and thoughtfully chose several items in each category, placed them in the basket and SMILED with PRIDE as she watched her contributions grow.  "Mom the note says no expired items."  As you can imagine she checked each package, can, and box to be sure we weren’t getting anything old.  I basically held back and and watched as Cydney took charge of this project, my only suggestion being that we not buy anything that we would not eat ourselves…Come on now, don’t you just GAG at those awful tinned mystery meats?  UGH!  As we were driving home I asked a very quiet Cydney what she was feeling,  "My heart feels fuzzy."  She was lumpy in the throat and I knew that she would sleep very well tonight.
So what about this experience warrants so much space?  Let me tell you. 
According to the World News Tonight, Food pantries around the nation are at an all-time low with many sporting empty shelves and some having to close their doors as contributions have dried up.  Who do you turn to when the ones you are suppossed to turn to in hard times aren’t there?  Generally as we enter into the holidays, places such as food banks, clothing donation centers and volunteer organizations such as Meals on Wheels are able to supply much needed items to those that request their help.  Not so this year.  It is estimated that the Sub-for-Santa, Angel Tree and other programs will likely find themselves without help in providing a Christmas toy or nutritious meal to those in need. 
Unemployment, lay-offs, illness … all those things that change the fabric of a family are here and hitting hard.  Those of us that are able need to step up and do what we can to ease the burden of those in need.  Why?  Remember the saying "There but for the grace of God go I?"  I’m not asking you to go out and buy loads of goods, but I am asking that you look in your pantry, closet, toy boxes etc. and DONATE what you DON’T need.   
Back to Cydney … anyone remember when she ‘donated’ her toys to the "poy kids" when she was small?  She’s come along way baby and I am so very, very proud!

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