If You Want My Body and You think I’m Sexy…

Oh ICK!  So here I am, first day of training for the new J-O-B and what? what’s this?  I’m being ‘hit on’ by another new employee?  Are you insane?  Picture this…bald head, tight shorts, combat boots with socks rolled down…oh yea baby, you’re hot and the ladies want you!  He actually said, "Is that a wedding or an engagement ring on your finger?"  me: "Wedding, I’m very married."  Icky guy: "I was hoping you were engaged and I could talk you out of it."  me: "Not gonna happen."  exit stage right…fast!  Makes for a long day when Mr. Icky continually tries to get your attention.  example:  "You think this is a lot of paperwork, you should see all the paperwork you have to do when you kill a guy, that’s paperwork."  and how about singing the ‘gun is your best friend’ song from the army…You go fella!  Literally…GO!  GET!  L-E-A-V-E!

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