And I’m proud to be an American…

Oh my word!  The much anticipated, hotly debated, presidential election has come and gone.  For those of you that voted for Obama, congratulations.  For those that were rooting for McCain, get over it already. 
I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, and unsympathetic…and I’m not saying which candidate I wanted to win…it’s just that it’s over.  We have a new President of these United States and whether you like him or not, he’s going to be around for the next four years.  As we joyfully bid farewell to Dubya and venture into the unknown future with a new leader, I am asking that we all just get along.  We don’t have to love him, but can we at least unite and be the proud Americans that we once were?  As we face these hard economic times we need to band together now more than ever.  Our friends and neighbors may need our strength, hey, we may need the strength of friends and neighbors!  Love him? Hate him? Sorry, he’s in.  How are you going to make it work? 

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