These are a few of my FAVORITE THINGS…

Everyone has favorites: foods, products, sayings, books, movies, kids – I had to be sure you were paying attention.  Here are some of mine…in no particular order:
 Clean On Mecreamy shower lotion made in the UK.  Pump some onto your shower squishy and Yum away.  You won’t believe how SOFT your skin will become.
The fabulously irreverent humor of Anne Taintor.
Homemade chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting … YUM-EEE!
Collecting Quotes from Childrens Books: "Every stone is different.  No other stone exactly like it…God loves variety.  In odd days like these…people study how to be alike instead of how to be as different as they really are." -Dobry, by Monica Shannon, 1934  (NO, I was not born yet…don’t be a wisenstein)
Watching my kids sleep.  Teens without ‘tudes.  Actually as teens go, mine are delightful ly fun and funny.
Sunday mornings with Cydney and Spongebob.
Mr. Farish singing … no kidding!  Unlike me, the man really can carry a tune…and I lahkkk it!
Lavendar Linen Spray from HomeGoods.  Spritzed on my Pilla, <pillow for the uninitiated>, before bedtime, I may not sleep much, but ohhhhhhhh, I love the calming effect it gives.
Speaking of smells; Homemade bread, Downy, babies, Autumn, Canyon fires – controlled fires people-, fresh mown lawn, Carnations.  Probably my all-time favorite smell was walking into my dad’s restaurant (Michelino’s) full of Italian spices that could truly make a person salivate for more.
Favorite tastes…since we are talking about Michelino’s; Homemade Rouqefort dressing in a tossed salad with a hand-tossed pizza and garlic bread with my dad’s secret recipe garlic butter………..H*E*A*V*E*N
Making up words and sayings then hearing them used by others.  Sometimes a gal just has to pat herself on the back.
Pedicures by Thi at ProNails.
Facials at BREATHE Day Spa.
Hot Rock MASSAGESOkay, I admit the first time I had one I thought I was being crushed and smothered, but hey, once tht feeling passes, it’s FAB.
Red heart There you have it, just a few of my favorite things.  ?? What are some of yours ??

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