Did someone say ‘Sale’ ?

I love a good sale, I mean come on, since I love to shop anyway a good sale simply beckons, "Come in, buy more, it’s ok, everythings on SALE."  Yes, we have my mom to thank for this affliction, (that woman can really SHOP!).  Anyway, I was driving home from my lunch-date with Pat and Kim when just before getting on the freeway I realized that I was going to pass out.  So, I carefully pulled off and into the first parking lot, which conveniently happened to be a Kmart that was going-out of-business!  BINGO baby!  So, after resting my ringing head and getting my eyes to focus again, I noticed a sign with these magical words;  ‘LAST THREE DAYS’.  As a responsible citizen I felt it was my duty to help them with this reduction of inventory event.  Did I say BINGO already?  Well, B-I-N-G-O and it has nothing to do with any farmer or his dog.
Hello Kmart shoppers!  The place is Biz-E!  I can’t even find a cart … who can shop with one of those hand-held things?  Not me.  I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say that Christmas … (UGH, did I really say Christmas?), shopping is about half done now … at a 60 – 70% savings!  While I had a great time, only having to pause and sit down a dozen times or so, I was getting a bit tired of having to defend my cart!  Those &*^$ vultures out there kept putting their paws into my basket … Hello, NO! 
Truth be told, I did meet some very nice people at Kmart today.  A darling older couple were so intrigued with all of my finds that I told them to please feel free to ‘shop’ from my cart.  And then there was the gentleman that asked me to help him with a camera … UM, wrong person for that, and then implored me to give him one more of my "dazzling, beautiful smiles."  side note … he would not have been able to say that if Kim hadn’t told me about the spinach in my teeth earlier … and we are talking about a BIG piece of spinach! 
Is it bad to pretend that your husband is calling at this point?  I didn’t think so. 
Hey Sandra, what was the best part of your day?  Lunch and bargains of the electronic persuasion.  Something nice?  The cute checker-boy gave me this weary look when he saw all of my goods.  I jokingly said, "I’ll bet you are regretting that I chose your line."  To which he responded, "No, not really.  I’m just starving."  I told him to go choose a snack and add it to my "stuff" he did and we were both happy.

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