Oh, say it isn’t so!

So, While I am not ready to write about my whole Dengue Fever experience … I would much rather fill in the wonders of Cental America first … I am apparently in the throes of a Dengue relapse.  After two feverish nights and days, excrutiating pain, and well … you know the Big D word (at least no hemmoraging this time)… I am facing the reality of not knowing what to expect as far as the immediate future.  As a very rare statistic, the doctors can’t say either. 
Here it is Thursday and looming over my head is the fact that I will be starting my new job on Monday.  If the past few months is any indicator, my symptoms will not be resolved by then.  What to do?  Well, right now I am mentally crossing every finger, toe, hair, and eyes … mentally because physically every nerve ending, muscle, joint and tendon are waaaaaaaaay too sensitive to actually cross … that a miraculous recovery will appear before Monday.  Here’s praying for a miracle!
I promise to fill in the specifics of my illness, but only after you fall in love with Liberia.

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