Kitty Got Da Funk

I’m sitting here still in my j’s, sipping a latte while listening to Joan Osborne belt out "Love is Like a Heat Wave" … have you heard it?  She has this voice that is incredibly smooth- mixed-with-an-occasional-raspy-grittiness that just penetrates to your soul … love it!  The louder the better of course which brings me to the kitty.  I look over and there is Yoda sleeping soundly and apparently oblivious to the goings-on around him … EXCEPT his tail is thumping up and down to the tunes!!!  Kitty got da funk indeed! 
Back to Joan … The music would not be near as incredible without those groovy boys in the background … oh yeah baby …. The Funk Brothers!  One of the satellite stations (is it HBO or Showtime?) did an interesting piece on The Funk Brothers and the way they shaped the sounds of Mowtown.  If you get a chance, look it up and read all about these talented fellas and you will have a new-found respect for all those studio musicians that make the music what it is.  (EW!  ending a sentance with a preposition … sorry mom).  Joan has moved on to What Becomes of the Brokenhearted … I have to pause for a minute and just absorb the tunage … Okay, I’m back and Midnight train to Georgia is up next … I’ll go shower to that one now and sing along until the neighbors complain.  The day has just begun … make it great and bring forth your groovy funk! 
Oh, just found a great link, check it out:  you can also see Joan Osborne on YouTube:   Let me know if you run out and purchase her CD after that one.

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