Pictures can tell the rest of the story

Abi and I have been trying to load our vacation photos onto this blog and are meeting with nothing but resistance … WEIRD.  The reason it’s so important to me to get these stubborn things posted is the way in which they tell the story so much better than I can.  I’ll recruit Dustin next time he comes over…
June 10, 2008 – up and out the door at 4:00 a.m. to depart SLC for Liberia.  We are headed to Central America for two weeks of culteral immersion and can hardly wait to get there.  We have booked two wonderful beach-side rooms, (pacific ocean), that except for sleeping, showering and an occasional snack-break we will not visit often… too much to see and do.
How can I possibly describe to you this beautiful little-known town that Nestles between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, sits in the Guanacaste region bordering Nicaragua?  Lush trees, large reptiles, purple and orange crabs that roam the streets, (you can hear their loud clicking pinchers scuttling along the hard-packed dirt roads), wild, loud, Howler Monkeys that threaten to swoop down and land on your unsuspecting head.  Flowers that hold the most exquisite colors within their blooming petals and OH, the people!   
Can I just tell you about that gorgeous hunk of man named Ahnibal?  Ahnibal was our tour guide during the African Mia experience.  At 24, he has experienced much in the way of poverty, riches, ignorance and understanding.  Ahnibal saved for several years to attend English speaking classes for 6 months.  He sincerely apologizes for his mistakes, and his entire countenance changes when he is told that his enunciation and dialect are spot-on.  He laughs as I try so hard to have a conversation with him in Spanish.  He is patient and teaches me so much about his country, its people and why he longs to see ‘The States’ but knows that is a far-away dream.  Ahnibal is determined and I tell him that when he does get to ‘The States’ he is to call me and if ever he gets to SLC, he can stay with us.  Mr. Farish panics about that one.
At Africa Mia, we experience life on the Savannah.  Roaming wild are Zebras, Okapi, wart hogs – UGH, and hooray…Giraffes!  Until you have stood next to and fed a giraffe, you will never know the true beauty of these animals.  And the WATERFALL!  Such wonderous beauty and a new friend to boot.  Africa Mia!
Just a glimpse of a day in the life … stay tuned for Zip lines, playing with monkeys, snakes and raccoons … it’s a Jungle out there!… Is this where I contracted Dengue Fever? Damn mosquitos!

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