Wills and Cate got Married

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Which naturally meant the Wine and Whine gals got together to celebrate… each one wearing her loveliest royal hat. 

I decided to go one further.  Diana pearls, HRM Elizabeth outfit, Camilla stockings and British teeth.  I think the overall look was stunning!  Who knew shopping vintage could be so much fun?

Katie and MollyMere, Katie, Mindy, MinaLove these gals!Fabulous


She may Look Sweet and Gentle…

Oh, the pain when pulled!

Casey Jayne has completed the hair portion of her training and moved on to the Aesthetics part of the program.  My sweet, gentle niece spent her birthday doing one of her favorite things … de-foresting the faces of all the women-folk in the family.  Brows, ‘staches and whoda thunk it … nostrils!  Seriously one of the strangest, funniest, creepiest and painful event ever … kindof feels like your sinuses have been yanked … but oh, the glorious result! 

She looks so sweet and innocent
She may be suffocating
Abi gets her nostrils waxed
Casey waxes Carlee



You really should read all about my experience in Hawaii’s Chinatown. Let me know if you have been there and what your experience was like.



Hey peeps just a reminder to toodle on over to “Such a Nice Surprise” Spring Boutique where I am selling my deliciously delightful Gourmet Goodies.

  • Apricot Orange Chutney – great accompaniment for Lamb, Beef, Chicken
  • Cabernet Wine Jelly – serve with cheese, crackers, over cream cheese etc.
  • Gourmet Chili Sauce – makes everything a gazillion times tastier
  • Chocolate Raspberry Sauce – try it on a banana filled crepe – HEAVEN
  • Caramel Apple Pie – ice cream, pancakes, or straight from the jar
  • Pecan Praline – in a tart or as a topping, you can’t go wrong

With so many upcoming events (Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, graduation etc.) you are certain to find something wonderful.

Runs April 13 – 16 from 11am until 8 pm

for more information visit:  http://charlaandlauripresent.blogspot.com

What the hey?  It’s April and we are still getting dumped on with snow?  I would give anything to be back here:

Rainbow Tower, Hilton Hawaiian Village

A room with a view:

From our window on the 31st floor

I love looking at all of the sailboats in the harbor.  Can you believe I never ventured over to the other window to take a few snaps of our beach? 

Venturing out on the lava rocks

While Mr. Farish was busy working I was busy visiting all of my favorite places:

Sunning … Eating … Shopping… Eating … Visiting … Eating … Remembering … Eating … Snorkeling … Eating … Relaxing … Eating … Hiking … Eating … Meeting … Eating … Chinatown … Eating … International Market Place … Eating… North Shore Waves … Lobster… Cemetaries… Roadside Shrimp Stands … Lobster … but best of all …  Time with my man … Heaven!

The Friendly Skies

Back from Hawaii with lots to tell … But before I do, let me share a bit about our flights …

> Our outbound flight attendants from SLC to LA were the classic kind that looked down their noses at each passenger and seemed incredibly bored to be amongst the lower classes.  Resign yourself to self-suffiecieny because they are just waaaaaaaaay to busy to deal with minions.
> LA to Hawaii – Some of the perkiest fellas ever!  Swishy doesn’t begin to describe it … it was more of a sashay-glide thing.  SOOOO super swell to watch… beverage service was the BEST.  I asked for water, no pretzels etc.  Picture this:  The right eyebrow raises, the hands fly up to the chest as he exclaims, “oh, honey are you shorrrre about that?”  … instant bonding that earned me little winks of understanding the rest of the flight.  (in hindsight, he was probably directing those winks to Mr. Farish … who slept almost the entire flight)
> HI back to SLC – definitely the “senior attendants”  I swear not a one was under 60 years old!  Swear to it!  Old, gray and utterly worn out after the first foray down the aisle with the beverage cart.  Poor ol’ gays and gals!  Lane and I were laughing like giddy punch-drunk college kids as we watched the ubber red lipstick of one glide ever so slowly down her mouth lines and onto her chin … you’ve all seen your Aunt Marge after tea … the cheek powder is caking, the lipstick smearing and oh my, are people really still painting on their eyebrows?  (I wonder if one gets tired of always looking so surpised?)  I have never in my life seen such a filthy airplane at the conclusion of a flight.  The senior citizens, clearly up way past their usual 7 pm bedtime had definitely given in to exhaustion!  trash everywhere and believe it or not, some of the seniors were actually sitting down instead of thanking us for flying … I think the utterance of a simple “Buh-bye” might very well have exhausted their very last breath… therefore, conserve.  
Sometimes the in-flight antics are better than the in-flight movies … of which I saw many.

in-flight food service?  go here:  http://sandraspantry.wordpress.com


In a few short hours Mr. Farish and I will be boarding a plane for Hawaii.  A spur of the moment vacation for me and a working vacation for Mr. F.  I can’t begin to tell you how timely this is.   See you in seven days … Aloha!